South Brent Garden, 2016

Itapeva Track, 2016

South West Coast Path, 2016

Food Waste, 2017

Agroforestry is an approach to growing crops which mimics the natural state of a developing woodland; an ‘agroforestry system’ is designed around the properties and benefits of the plants involved. The combination of plants in a ‘forest garden’ is a balance of species. Because of their varying needs and assets the plants can mutually support each other through ‘plant communities’. As in a developing woodland, layers are created with different growing conditions for plants with different requirements: shade loving plants are grown underneath sun loving ones. With an agroforestry approach to growing food, less work is needed than with ‘traditional’ agriculture because the ecosystem regulates itself in many ways; the gardener’s role here is to help keep things in balance. For example no weed killers are needed, and little weeding, because there are not ‘weeds’, therefore the soil is not damaged. If a plant is virulent another organism will be introduced, which will usurp it. If a particular plant is being eaten by an insect, an organism would be introduced which will attract the predator of that insect.