w o r k s h o p s _(some examples)

Shelter From The Storm

Plant ID, den building & Hacks with TOMA (The Other MA), Southend.

Desert Island Mushroom Forest

Desert island game and winter plants with BA students at the University of Hertfordshire.

Desert Island, Deserted Train Track Plants

Desert Island game, walk, forage and plant teas with Uni of Gloucestershire BA students

Fire Lighting

Fire lighting, wild teas, baked bread and sharing stories with Xenia women
At SPACE studios, London
Led in collaboration with Carla Wright


Camping, survival in the city and making a weaving together with Xenia women
At SPACE studios, London
Led in collaboration with Carla Wright

Egg Saviour

A workshop for Arts Award participants at Metal Art School, Southend.
An introduction to Vulpes Vulpes' collaborative practice followed by a discussion of sculptures with functions, then a challenge to collaboratively make a sculpture with a protective function; to house an egg.
Led by Vulpes Vulpes


Through this landscape challenge we will address questions of potential human and natural disconnects, exploring what constitutes a landscape and the relationships involved. Participants will be asked to convene at a location (see below) where together we will attempt to perform a comprehensive land survey exercise, undertaking tasks including; recording the diversity and amount of plants, the sound and feelscapes, the amount of manmade matter, soil-tests and more. No experience is necessary, as full training will be given and all participants will be provided with necessary equipment. The event’s findings will be interpreted by the artists and displayed in the gallery.

Author J.D. Taylor will join Glen and Anna in leading the event. He will walk around the site with you, asking you to use your imaginations to consider what the land may have been used for in the past. Drawing attention to specific features, he’ll look at how landscape and place can shape experiences individually and collectively, and ask key questions – what is life like here? what could life be like? what can be done with the weight of the past to liberate the future?
Location: Brownfield site, off Pomona Street. Meet us outside the Kwik Fit on the corner of Ecclesall Road and Pomona street, S11 8JE at 2pm Please wear sensible footwear and wear/bring clothes for any weather eventuality.
Led by Anna Chrystal Stephens, Glen Stoker, JD Taylor

Plant Adornment Sculptures

In this workshop we will explore plant qualities and uses, participants will touch and taste wild edibles.

We will discus human relationships to the botanical environment and fluctuating levels of knowledge around nature and food, looking at examples of nature worship in different cultures before creating our own plant focussed sculptural objects of adornment.
Led by Anna Chrystal Stephens and Carla Wright

Tools Book

A discussion around what are the most fundemental survival requirements referencing Maslov's heirchy of needs.
A short research period looking at carft and DIY books.
Participants contribute a skill by illustrating it with diagrams, together the contributions form a survuval booklet.
This Workshopsat was part of a retreat at Wysing Art Centre.
Led by Anna Chrystal Stephens

Food Finding

In 2414 it is difficult to imagine the era; just a few hundred years ago, when humans had attempted to extract themselves from the rest of nature with intricate and deeply embedded myths. Food was often sourced in a complicated process involving many transactions, trafficking of ingredients and products, and synthesising and packaging of food items. This walk is a commemoration of that time. As we move through the landscape and re-enact the re-learning of edible and dangerous wild plants, we can reflect on the importance of this kind of ancient knowledge, the historical denial of which played a part in the almost-destruction of our species and habitat.
Led by Anna Chrystal Stephens with David Radley

Plant Sculptures

This workshop was designed for the Irish Pensioners Project in Bermpndsey.
A discussion of plant uses and memories of plants from childhood (following on from Elain Reynolds work with the IPP around age and reminiscence). A rosehip tincture tasting session.
A disscussion about re-learning flowers and plants, identification and uses of: Rosehips, Rowan, Lavender, Rosemary, Hawthorn and Yarrow.
After looking at botanical illustrations for further inspriation we will create ornamental flower arrangments.
Led by Anna Chrystal Stephens and Carla Wright

Immediatist Quilt

One favourite example - the quilting bee - a spontaneous patterning carried out by a non-heirachic creative collective to produce a unique, useful and beautiful object. Hakim Bey
In this workshop we will discuss the ancient craft of quilt making before creating a giant quilt sculpture from recycled materials.
The sculpture will be on display in Airspace.
Workshop led by Anna Chrystal Stephens, Carla Wright, Laurie Storey

A Piece of String

1. Cord making workshop for young people’s group, the Society of Explorers.

2. On-going collaborative cordage making activity at Site gallery, summer 2016. Visitors can create cord from nettles and fire weed, these can then be added to an existing piece, gradually a collaborative sculpture will develop. This simple process can be performed whilst chatting or resting. How much cordage can we make during the next few weeks? Drop in to add to this work-in-progress. The activity will be assisted by our young people’s group, the Society of Explorers.
Led by Anna Chrystal Stephens and Glen Stoker