Anorak, commissioned by SPACE, London

A large-scale mural covers one wall and on another is an index of images capturing the many types of canal boat covers, ranging from the makeshift to the highly technical. The photographic elements bring canal and DIY living into the gallery and speak to the tension between the basic necessity of staying dry and warm and the human desire to decorate and domesticate nature. Extending knowledge sharing and skill building beyond the gallery is an interactive didactic panel presented on the fa├žade of the building instructing passers-by on how to tie various knots.

The exhibition, Anorak, is made in reaction to anxiety about environmental crisis and puts forward that learning survival skills and DIY processes can be an empowering step to gaining a greater understanding and respect of the natural world, thus creating movement towards sustainable solutions.

Led by Stephens and Carla Wright (both members of the collective Vulpes Vulpes) are a series of workshops for Xenia, a Hackney-based grassroots friendship and English language project for migrant and English-speaking women.

Text: Persilia Caton
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Stern Hood, 2019
Acrylic canvas, steel, photographic prints on cotton and linen, paracord stool, outdoor and domestic accessories

Utility Cloak, 2019
Repurposed tents, found and handmade camping materials and tools

Annabella Pollen wrote a text about this exhibition :
>Inside Out, Annabella Pollen

Mixed media installation including; mural print;improvised sink (paracord, wood, bowl and tea towel); Deborah's camping chair, paracord wrapped eucalyptus and mesolithic reference tools (flint, iron, bone needle, chalcedony, nettle cord, flax fibre, Horse Hoof fungus, King Alfred's Cake fungus, birch bark, honeysuckle, beeswax, char cloth, hessian, muslin, wool and leather)

Off Grid Weather Protectors, 2019
Framed giclee print

Learn to Tie Knots, 2019
4 Ply panels, rope, instructions for tieing Reef, Bowline, Double Overhand Stopper, Slip

Install images: Tim Bowditch