Grower's Notes

Summer Harvest - photographed on cloth printed with an image of the compost (pre-rotted) which contributed to it's creation

Moon, harvest, calendula oil infusing, lady's mantle drying, dirt, slug-eaten kale, borage and kale, nasturtiums, squash, pale green harvest, peas clinging to paracord.

June Full Moon Harvest

July Full Moon Harvest

Grow, nourish, sustain.
Learning from soil, light and lunar pull,
Grasp roots in the night,
Cut leaves at dawn,
Watching the wild things,
Is it ok to try to tame?
These plants are not free but they are free-range.
A year on hard land after 3 on water,
Growing as making,
Alongside finding,
Minerals in beautiful packages,
To have,
As well as:
Letting in ‘weeds’
Watching insects live from convolvulus and ragwort;
It is not all for our consumption, it is binding.
Is it ok to assert control?
Just borrowing earth,
Finding a soul.