Fire Kits; traditional and modern

2 bunches match-stick sized
2 bunches pencil sized
2 bunches finger sized
Conifers are best
Yes you can rub sticks together to make an ember,
But there are so many ways we don’t remember,
The use of the bow drill: a kind of myth...
You can do it, make a spark, it just takes time.
There are lots of ways to spark.
For a flame extender use bicycle inner tube,
Cotton wool, drinking straws, Vaseline,
A tampon is best;
So much flammable material in a sealed waterproof packet.
Camouflage print and luminous strings criss-crossing, web of camp.
Hammock tent strung between two trees,
Fall out at night.

Collecting sticks and demonstrating tinder fungus.
Fire lighting performance/workshop as part of Fiona MacDonald's Wood to World, 2017

Ignite: Empowering Life Skills