Help yourselves Mixed media installation; table, wild local edible plants, receptacles, un-mounted inkjet print, paper labels, pebbles.
80cm x 170cm x 100cm(H), 2014. [Displayed at The Event The Frontier Zone Residency with Aid & Abet, Wisbech].

The plants collected in the morning are gradually taken by visitors. Each bunch contains a label with a short description of the plant, how to find and pick it and how it can be consumed. A sign which reads ‘Fresh local greens, Please Help Yourself' is pinned to the table.

Found Foods
Dandelion, Ribwort Plantain, Elderberry Nasturtium Fat Hen Mallow Horseradish, Chick Weed, Borage, Calalu,
Hawthorne, Rose Hips, Hen Bit, Red Dead Nettle, White Dead Nettle, Stinging Nettle, Golden Hornet Crab Apple,
Silver Weed, Quince, Shepherd’s Purse, Dock Leaf, Ground Elder, Bramble, Pear, Poppy Seeds, Ground Ivy, Beach Leaf,
Apple, Sow Thistle, Alkinate, Self-Heal, Walnuts

Boiled dock leaves

Jim explains the workings of an orchard and the practice of gleaning

The Frontier Zone Residency with Aid & Abet,