Temporary Shelter



Transitory living taught us how to live together, it taught us solidarity and that shelter is temporary. We learnt about the fabric of a city, planning legislation, and politics. DIY and making do are part of our ethos and inform our way of life and aspects of our art practices. We occupied council flats in limbo, in the months before demolition. Found furniture as we learnt to see the potential of an object; a box is a table, many usefull items can be found discarded on the street. We saw how a smashed up flat could be a comfortable home. Occupying unused buildings was a way to live in London as artists.

Later, inside our broken tram shed we built wooden living structures within the shell. We continued the same method at Rigg Approach. In 2013 we initiated a new communal living project: Ursus Housing Coop.

Bengal Sunset, C-print, 50cm x 76cm, and fold-out inkjet print to accompany Knots Roots and Blocks zine, multiples.