Wild Ancient Meal, 2021
Made from scratch with 100% foraged, uncultivated food. Bowls made with wild clay cooked by campfire, burdock leaf for a plate, beach-found shell for a cup.
Stinging nettle, ramsons, archangel, cleavers, purple dead nettle (on a burdock leaf plate). 
Flour from ground acorns, ribwort plantain seeds, rain water.
Dried rowan (saved from autumn), hazelnuts (saved from autumn).
Dandelion, yarrow, ramsons, lemonbalm, fennel seeds (saved from autumn).
primrose, fennel, daisy, herb robert, forget-me-nots.
apple cider vinegar + water. 
- Plants picked only where they are plentiful.

Stretching the Harvest, 2020
Last harvest from small town garden. Picked (top) and preserved (below)
Green tomato + bean pickle, dandelion root coffee, nasturtium capers, dried calendula, nasturtium vinegar, tomato ketchup, fennel seeds, dandelion leaf sauce, fennel smoke stick and yarrow seeds.

Store, 2021
Preserves, medicines, drinks made from homegrown and foraged plants

Tinctures, 2021
Made from homegrown and foraged plants

Trowbridge Edibles, August 2020
Framed photograph displayed at Estival exhibition, WEVEN, Stroud 2021

August full moon harvest: Foraged food (left) and allotment grown (right). 2021
From a series documenting full moon harvests 2020-2022, whilst learning how cultivated and wild plants reacted to moon phases as changes in gravity and the water table occurred.
The plants are affected by the moon’s relationship to the soil, nutrients can be drawn down or pushed up depending on the moon's position. 

All images above by Anna Chrystal Stephens

Sometimes Biting, Sometimes Bit

Leading a foraging walk as part of a duo project with Feral Practice at Folkestone Fringe, 2021

Forage walk documentation - image credit: Folkestone Fringe/Joe Hill