A Sick Logic

July 2017
A book by Anna Chrystal Stephens and Glen Stoker

Published by Site Gallery
Design by Paul Bailey
Contributions from:
Monique Besten, Fernanda Eugenio, Anna Francis, Jake Harries, Cristina Lina, Fiona MacDonald,
Hadiru Mahdi, Dorothée Perin, Sally Pointer & Gareth Riseborough, Richard Prideaux, Laura Sillars,
Stefan Szczelkun, Studio Polpo (Mark Parsons & Jon Orlek), J.D. Taylor, Carla Wright.
Printed by Wilco

Supported by Arts Council England
ISBN 978-1-899926-04-6

A Sick Logic came from a quest to seek old knowledge and apply it to current problems. Through an exploration of how to exist as part of an integrated ecosystem, the book presents life-changing information about survival strategies and the experience of skills acquisition, as well as demonstrating how we can be part of a cross-disciplinary collaborative approach to making change.

The publication contains responses to research activities such as plant identification courses, instructional skills sessions and long walks in the form of image sequences and essays. There are a range of contributions from mentors, peers and other explorers who have been part of the project.

£15.00 (incl.P&P)